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Side effects of chronic pain

· Side Effects Pain

Chronic pain originates in the body, brain or spinal cord which is often difficult to treat. It is an invisible illness which means it has some hidden side effects. Chronic pain is different from normal pain, generally, the normal pain stops affecting the healing of an injury. But in case of chronic pain even after the healing of an injury, the pain does not go away for months or in some cases for years. It can have real effects on our day to day life and also on our mental health. If you are suffering from this problem and the pain doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, visit Chronic Pain Treatment Weehawken and consult a doctor to get better treatment or medication.

Side effects of chronic pain

Conditions through which it occurs:

Most of the time chronic pain starts without any actual cause, but for some people, it may be a result of some kind of injury or some type of health condition. Some of the leading causes are:
• Past surgery or injuries
• Headaches
• Arthritis
• Nerve damage
• Infections
• A feeling of muscle pain throughout the body
• Stomach ulcers
• Gallbladder diseases

A person suffering from chronic pain does not only suffer from the pain in their body but also with other side effects that come along with the pain and makes it worse. Hence it is as follows:

1. Weight gain or loss: Patients with chronic pain aren’t usually happy with their weight, be it weight gain or loss. This comes as a side effect of pain and the stress it causes. The stress and the behavioral change is the reason for the weight fluctuations in the patients.

2. Mood swings: Mood swings are the most common side effects that are felt by the chronic pain patients. It’s the basic nature of the human being to have mood swings, on top of that if you are suffering from pain almost all the time, then imagine the type of mood swings a person would be going through. Even the slightest thing can make a person mad for no reason whatsoever.

3. Difficulty in concentrating: A person suffering from chronic pain can have a lot of difficulty in concentrating, whether it’s to study something or concentrating on any particular work or a class lecture etc. This is due to the fact that you are already suffering from that agonizing pain which keeps you up all night, so with that thing up your head it can be a lot troublesome to concentrate on anything.

4. Impact on sleep: Disturbed sleep is common in chronic pain suffering patients. The degree of sleep disturbance can be directly related to the severity of the pain. In a study, patients with chronic low back pain, pain intensity was found directly related to the level of sleep disturbance. Early treatment of chronic pain can help the patients in minimizing the sleep disturbance. For the treatment of chronic pain, visit Homeopathic Doctor Union City and consult a doctor, homeopathic treatment helps to control the pain in some time and there are no side effects of such medications.

5. Impact on brain functions and central neural systems: Cognitive processes like memory and attention have been shown to be impaired on a study of patients suffering from chronic pain. These physical changes in the brain are thought to correlate with the perception of chronic pain and the behavioral aspects associated with it.

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